Update v0.7.12

Awesome new patch with a whole suite of new features ranging from video annotations to more WoW match analysis features. Features Ability to draw/annotate on match VODs. Now you can draw with a brush, draw shapes, draw lines, add text, blur out the background all in SquadOV’s video player! WoW match death recaps. WoW match player information. Ability to delete clips from clip library. Ability to remove multiple VODs at the same time from the recent matches screen. Add ability to favorite matches and clips. Add ability to add VODs and clips to your watchlist. Improvements Hopefully allow video to record more smoothly on slower machines that aren’t able to capture video frames at the desired FPS target. Bug Fixes Fixed a crash that would occassionally happen when exiting WoW. As always, feel free to drop by our Discord. We’re always around (US Eastern Time) to help and we’d … Read more

Update v0.7.9

Finally getting back to creating new features for all your WoW folks! This patch rolls out the first iteration of our spell and aura tracking feature along with some better visualization options for the existing timeline graph. Spell cast data will only be recorded for all WoW games moving forward from the patch release date. Features Recent match filters (by game, squad, user, and time). WoW match players now shows up on the recent games feed. Option to only use non-GPU encoders (disabled by default). WoW timeline can now show DPS, heals, and damage received on the same chart. WoW timeline can now aggregate team stats if separate graph is turned off. WoW timeline will now color code lines based on class if separate graph is turned off. WoW timeline can now overlay important spell casts and auras. WoW timeline player names are now colored based on friendly team/enemy team and prefixed by their class specialization icon. New WoW analysis tab that displays spell casts and auras. The installer now requires admin privileges to install registry keys so that we can obtain crash dumps created by Windows. Bug Fixes Fix Aim Lab recording regression. Fixed an issue where recording failure will cause all future recordings to fail for WoW. Fixed an issue where zoning out of an arena would not stop Arena recording.

Update v0.6.6

Quick update! Nothing super fancy to see here. 🙂 Features Welcome Emails. Every user who has not yet received a welcome email will receive an automated welcome email the next time they login. Default Squads. Every user, when they first register, will now have a default squad that includes Derek and Mike. Improvements Slight performance … Read more

Update v0.6.4

We introduced a major performance improvement for SquadOV in this patch and is enabled by default for all users. If you find this to in fact hurt your performance, please do let us know and you can revert back to the old pipeline in the settings menu (turn off hardware acceleration). But if all goes … Read more