[Hearthstone] Patch 20.4 & Wailing Caverns mini-set

The latest Hearthstone Patch 20.4 was released a few days ago (June 3rd). It contained a TON of goodies such as the Wailing Caverns mini set and the latest Battlegrounds update. In this post we’ll talk about what this means for the Hearthstone constructed meta and the Battlegrounds meta.

SquadOV Update v0.8.5 – Advanced Sharing

We’re introducing some advanced sharing features in this patch.Now you have finer-grained control over who sees what and what they get to do with what you shared.Check out the new settings when clicking on the share button and in the sharing settings menu! Features Advanced sharing. Control which matches/clips are automatically shared to which squads in the settings menu. Control whether squads are automatically granted the permission to share/clip your matches/clips. Override automatic sharing settings on a per-match/per-clip basis. Ability to regenerate publically shared match/clip links by deleting and re-creating them. Ability to share to Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit within the match/clip share button dialog. Refresh button in the navigation bar in the desktop app. A nifty themed title bar in the desktop app. WoW arena bracket filter (2v2, 3v3, Skirmish). Permission Changes By default, all your matches/clips going forward are shared with “CAN SHARE” and “CAN CLIP” settings. Previously, the default was to not share with those permissions enabled. All users now have the ability to download any match VOD they have access to. Improvements Public share URLs are no longer automatically generated when you click the share button. Changed the color scheme to be more friendly to color blind people (green/red changed to blue/red). Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where WoW boss names and spell names with commas in the combat log wouldn’t be processed properly on the server side. Fixed an issue where the game name tooltip would show up in the top left corner when switching between games on the game log page.

[World of Warcraft] Well that was fast. [Progress] from Firemaw-EU beat Phase 1 of The Burning Crusade Classic.

The World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic is out and LIVELY. Here we talk about the TBC classic ‘world first’ and also how our previous predictions have fared so far.

[World of Warcraft] Twas The Night Before Chris- I mean The Burning Crusade Classic

IT’S HAPPENING! The Burning Crusade Classic experience is dropping June 1st, 2021! All the OG World of Warcraft players can relive their Burning Crusade experience in just a couple of weeks.